Dormitory Rules

We know that you are not allowed to change the electrical wiring in your dormitory or your rental suite; and sometimes changing the light bulbs and replacing them with smart light bulbs aren’t even an options as they are fluorescent tubes not bulbs. Guess what, we have a perfect solution for you if you want to start your smart home journey in your dormitory!

QikEasy Smart Switch is portable

If you are renting and sharing an apartment with your fellow students, you have to seek permission from the landlord before making change to any permanent fixtures such as electrical switches on the wall. Even if your landlord agrees to the changes, there is a lot of hassle for both the installation and the later removal of the smart switch. The labour cost of the switch removal would almost be as much as the switch itself.


In other words, the smart switch almost becomes the landlords property as soon as it is installed. The QikEasy Smart Switch solves the problem with a patent pending quick and easy installation system that make the switch removable.

Easy Installation

Our patent pending design allows for quick and easy yet secure installation. With the replacement of 2 screws; the QikEasy switch can be installed easily by sliding it on. We have also included a storage compartment inside the switch so you would never lost the screw the you have just taken off. You don’t have to worry about electrical capability as some of the home lacks the necessary wire required for the smart switch. There is no changes to the live electrical wire in QikEasy installation to worry about and therefore zero chance of getting electrocuted.

Sharing with your Buddy

Our mobile app allows you give control of the QikEasy switch to your buddy without sharing your account password. When you install one QikEasy switch in your room and another one in the common area, you can choose to give control to your buddy for the common area switch only. Only you have control to the switch in your room.  Your buddy can now use the QikEasy smart switch to control the TV and turn on the light using their own smart phone. No need to look for the TV or Hi-Fi remove control as it is always available on your smart phone.

The QikEasy Switch Advantages for Students

  • East to move with owner – The QikEasy switch is not permanently installed when you move out of the dormitory or the apartment.
  • Easy installation – Our patent pending design that can be installed and removed under 1 minute.
  • Sharing – Our software allows you to share partial control of your switch to your buddy.