Problems faced by Renters

We are designing our QikEasy smart switch with renters in mind. Existing smart switch does not address the concerns we have so we set out to design something better. There are three major problems faced by renters:

Ownership of the smart switch after it is installed as part of the electrical system in the house.

Difficulty in installation and risk of getting electrocuted.

High cost of installation by electrician

Permanently installed almost means own by landlord

One of the problem is the ownership of the smart switch after installation. Terms and conditions in the rental contract generally favours the landlords then renters. Rental customs in the North America generally requires that any item that is permanently attached to the home must not be removed when the renters leave the premises.


Renters has to seek permission from the landlord before making change to any permanent fixtures such as electrical switches on the wall. Even if the landlord agrees to the changes, there is a lot of hassle for both the installation and the later removal of the smart switch. The labor cost of the switch removal would almost be as much as the switch itself.


In other words, the smart switch almost becomes the landlords property as soon as it is installed. We solve the ownership problem with a patent pending quick and easy installation system that make the switch removable.

Easy Installation

Our patent pending design allows for quick and easy yet secure installation. With the replacement of 2 screws; the QikEasy switch can be install easily by simply sliding it on. We have also include a storage compartment inside the switch so you would never loss the screws.  You don’t have to worry about electrical capability as some of the home lacks the necessary wire required for some other smart switches. There is also no live electrical wire to worry about and therefore zero chance of getting electrocuted.

Chic and modern design with extra features

Our design is the thinnest removable smart switch on the market, it is secure and would not be knocked off so easily like other designs. The switch is less than 1 centimetres thick and is the only visually appealing removable switch on the market. The QikEasy switch also has additional features that are unique. The light switch mounting height is an optimal location for infrared transmission. We have included a learning infrared remote controller in the switch for you to control other infrared capable devices. We have also included a built-in night-light for your added safety.

The QikEasy Switch Advantatges for Renters

  • East to move with owner – The QikEasy switch is not permanent you can you move it legally with you when your lease expires.
  • Easy installation – Our patent pending design that can be installed and removed under 1 minute.
  • Modern Design – A design that would look good on your wall and matches your home decor.
  • Built in Learning Infrared controller – Infrared capable appliances can be controlled with your phone.
  • Night light – you can see and won’t trip easily when you have to get up at night.