Controlling the Light or other Appliances Without Moving Your Feet

We understand that some seniors are not very mobile.  Out of the box, QikEasy Smart Switch is enabled to work with Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.  This means your senior family member can easily turn on or turn off the light without walking close to it or leaving his or her bed.  You can also control other appliances if they are controllable by an infrared remote.  This means they may even control the TV by voice commands.

Better Hygiene with Hands-Free operation

We all understand the importance of reducing contact of shared objects in order to stop spreading of diseases and viruses.  To keep your senior family member safe, QikEasy Smart Switch uses a built-in proximity sensor to allow you to control the light by putting your hand or arm against the sensor WITHOUT touching it. The proximity sensor works perfectly even when your hands are dirty or when you are wearing gloves.

Climate Control Comfort

We want to keep your elderly family member cozy and comfortable.  With built-in temperature controller, QikEasy Smart Switch can accurately control a space heater in your bedroom.  QikEasy Smart Switch is able to precisely maintain the temperature in your bedroom, because the location of the switch is usually better suited for gauging the temperature in the room than the sensor on the space heater itself.  QikEasy switch would use the learned infrared code to remotely control your space heater.  This is especially useful if the room doesn’t have a built-in heater, or if the built-in heater is inadequate in a particular room.

Multiple Residencies

We understand that you may have multiple residencies and that is why we introduced the unique concept of a household and have also designed our mobile app to work with your multiple homes. Don’t delay because you think the installing of a smart switch is difficult, the QikEasy Smart Switch is specially designed with the needs of our seniors in mind. You can also assign management right to your helpers for your winter or summer residence while you are vacationing. In addition, if you want to share the same QikEasy device between multiple home, it is easy to do so because QikEasy switches are so easy to uninstall and install.

For your Elderly family member in Senior Home

The senior home that you have chosen for elderly family member is usually not equipped with a smart wall switch.  This can be easily remedied with the QikEasy Smart Switch. The QikEasy switch can be installed in under 1 minute with the replacement of the 2 screws and sliding on the switch unit.  QikEasy Smart Switch is probably the only smart switch that the resident is permitted to install in the senior home as no wiring is needed.  There is no need to modify the electrical wires and therefore very safe. Your senior family member can start enjoying the benefit of safety and convenience without any difficulty in installation. When your senior family member has to change to a different suite, the QikEasy switch can be moved quickly and easily without any safety concern.

The QikEasy Switch Advantages for Elderlies

  • Easy control of lights, TV or other infrared capable devices.
  • No cross contamination through light switch.
  • Added comfort and safety with night-light and temperature sensor.
  • Designed to work with multiple residencies.
  • Easy installation for senior home suites.