Updating Firmware

Here are the basic steps for updating your QikEasy Adapter’s firmware:


    1. Activate Setup Mode and visit Setup page on your browser.
    2. Go to the “Update Firmware” page in Setup Mode.
    3. Select the new Update file you want to upload.
    4. Watch the updating progressing as the file being uploaded.
    5. Upon successful update, your QikEasy Adapter will automatically reboot itself.

Activating Setup Mode


Follow the instructions on this page to activate Setup Mode.  Once you get to the Setup page on either your desktop or mobile browser, you can come back to this instructions page to continue to rest of the firmware update procedure.


Setup “Update Firmware” on your Setup webpage

Select the new Update file you want to Upload

Watch the the Update Progressing as the file is being Uploaded

Wait for the Upload Successful message to be displayed


Once the success message is displayed, your QikEasy Adapter will reboot and now you have a new firmware running on your adapter.


Note that sometimes the progress bar may stuck at 100%, but in reality, the update has actually been completed successfully.  If the progress stucks at 100% for more than a minute, you may reset your QikEasy Adapter board and activate the Setup Mode as you previously.  By viewing the Setup mode webpage, you can easily verify the firmware version by seeing the version number displayed at the lower right hand corner of the Setup Mode web page.

Latest Updates


You may find the latest updates for QikEasy Adapter here.