Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

With QikEasy EV3 Spike Prime Adapter, you can use your existing EV3 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors to get additional “obstacle avoidance” angle coverage for you Spike Prime or Robot Inventor projects.

Covers additional angles for your Obstacle Avoidance requirements

For most robotic projects that has obstacle avoidance requirements, one ultrasonic sensor is just not enough.  Using multiple sensors surrounding your robot or vehicle can ensure that it can detect nearby foreigner objects no matter where they are.


With QikEasy Adapter and existing EV3 ultrasonic sensors, you can be assured that you have additional ultrasonic sensor handy for such need.

How to use it on Spike Prime or Robot Inventor?

  1. Connect your EV3 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to the bigger socket on the QikEasy Adapter.
  2. Connect one end of a Spike Prime cable to the smaller socket on the QikEasy Adapter.
  3. Connect the other end of the Spike Prime cable to one of the 6 ports on the Spike Prime (or Robot Inventor) hub.
  4. Your Spike Prime or Mindstorms Hub will detect your EV3 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor through the QikEasy Adapter as a Spike Prime Distance Sensor.


Programming a converted EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor is exactly the same as programming a Spike Prime Distance Sensor.  The only difference is that unlike the Spike Prime Distance Sensor with 4 LED light segments, you cannot change the LED light setting on the front face of the EV3 sensor.