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The QikEasy Adapter links the past to the present and let schools reuse and recycle LEGO robotic parts – this is a smart, eco-friendly decision!

Joey Tanaka, Award winning digital learning and robotics educator, Bertschi School, Seattle.

We help you SELL more Spike Prime systems!

Your performance in selling to schools is the key to our success!

QikEasy Adapter will help remove obstacles that prevent the robotic teachers from upgrading to Spike Prime.  Thus, by including our adapters in your sales pitch, it will increase your chance of getting the schools to upgrade.

QikEasy Adapter Enables Spike Prime Hub to use EV3 sensors and motors.

QikEasy Adapter is 100% Plug-and-Play.


It is compatible with All EV3 motors and sensors.  It also provides capabilities that Spike Prime missed.


By enabling coexistence of EV3 and Spike Prime, it increases school’s acceptance of upgrading.

Many schools have limited budget and cannot afford to upgrade all the EV3 systems at the same time.

Schools may now upgrade their robotic systems by small portions at a time.

Many schools have very limited budget allocated for robotics. Upgrading the entire fleet of EV3 systems to Spike Prime is a huge one time cost and a showstopper for the entire upgrade.


QikEasy Adapter allows the same construction plans to be used with  both EV3 and Spike Prime systems. It enables mixed systems in the same classroom thus schools may upgrade only a portion of the systems whenever their budget allows.


For example, for a 30 student classroom, the upgrade process may go like this:

  • Class has 30 existing EV3 systems
  • School may decide to upgrade only 10 systems first
  • Teacher gives the same construction plan for the 10 students that upgraded to Spike Prime and the 20 students on the old EV3 systems.
  • The class would run in this mixed mode until they have budget to upgrade the rest of the systems

Upgrading to Spike Prime doesn’t need to be a single big bang risky event for the teachers and schools

We make their lives easier by letting them reuse existing curricula and constructions plans with Spike Prime.

The Challenge: Over the years of using EV3, many educators had customized their curriculum with their own custom construction plans.   Moving to the new Spike Prime platform means that they will lose all their work, and they will have to completely redesign their curriculum.


Our Solution:

Enter QikEasy Adapter, you can now tell them not to worry about that any more.  Even with the new Spike Prime systems, robotic classes may now keep and continue to use their EV3 sensors and motors.  By keeping the EV3 devices, they won’t have to immediately redevelop their customized EV3 construction plans.


Continue Using Their EV3 Construction Plans With QikEasy Adapter, the teachers may gradually transition from EV3 to Spike Prime. Without changing their hardware build plans, the students would continue to use the old EV3 devices with the new hubs. This lets the teachers focus on upgrading the programming to the new Scratch-based programming user interface (or Python) and not worrying about the hardware.

Designed to be RUGGED and be able to WITHSTAND the daily handling by students

Tough while it can easily connect with other LEGO parts
  • Same size as a LEGO 5×7 frame.
  • Build a protective cage easily for the adapter using 5×7 frames and other LEGO parts.
  • With the constructed cage,  students can now attach QikEasy Adapter to their LEGO robots.

A Review on QikEasy

If you have a bunch of old NXT motors or EV3 motors or sensors just lying around, then I strongly recommend you buy multiple copies of this awesome adapter.  It’s a game changer and it will make upgrading to the new system so much easier. I also greatly appreciate how their website has very good documentation and instructions how to use all the sensor and motors.  They made it very easy to understand and I’m a big fan of this product.
Ivan Filippov @ Unbreakme – a Youtube channel on LEGO robotics with 28,000 subscribers.

Reseller Pricing

Classroom / Bulk Pricing
QikEasy Small Classroom Pack (12x)$360
QikEasy Large Classroom Pack (30x)$840
QikEasy Reseller Kit (60x)$1580
  • All prices are in US dollars, excluding shipping.
  • The Suggested Retail Price of a QikEasy Adapter is US$39, which includes the Spike Prime cable for connecting QikEasy Adapter to your hub.

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