Finally, a Perfect RoboCup Junior solution for LEGO Spike Prime

More Flexible

More Accurate

More Economical

LIMITED TIME OFFER. Get QikEasy IR Seeker @ as low as $90!

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    More Flexible

    • Modular design enables Flexible robot construction design
    • Single IR Seeker for 180 degree or Dual IR Seeker for 360 degree coverage
    • Dual IR Seeker Pack supports Flexible Configurations where the IR Seeker boards can either be stacked or linked by a cable

    More Accurate & Stable

    • Proprietary Calibration Process: Matching IR Receivers are carefully selected. This process significantly increases the accuracy of our product.
    • Sparing no expense, we discard approx. 50% of IR Receivers that do not meet our quality standard.
    • QikEasy IR Seeker is Super Stable and is able to maintain uninterrupted operation for an extended period of time. Our tests had demonstrated that it keeps on working for a duration equivalent to more than three full soccer games.
    • Custom Testing Equipments are used to ensure the highest quality possible.

    More Economical

    • Our product is significantly more inexpensive compared to the only other similar product on the market
    • Single IR Seeker configuration allows for additional savings

    Future Proof  Technology

    • The QikEasy Expander that comes with your IR Seeker pack will support future QikEasy i2c devices such as environmental sensor, magnetometer, and gesture sensor
    • QikEasy Expander supports open standard and is compatible with standard i2c protocol.  This means advanced users will be able to connect custom i2c sensors to be used with their Spike Prime.
    • QikEasy Expander is firmware upgradable over Wifi to allow for bug fixes and new features
    • Exciting wireless functionality planned for future firmware upgrade

    Experiences you can TRUST

    • We successfully funded & delivered a previous Spike Prime project on Indiegogo
    • Zero Risk: This project is essentially fully designed and built.
    • Our team has tens of years of management and engineering experiences from companies like IBM, NEC and LSI Logic
    • Both cofounders had their Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from very prestigious universities: Stanford and U.B.C.

    LIMITED TIME OFFER. Get IR Seeker @ as low as US$90!

    Launch on Indiegogo this September!
    Enter Your Email to Get Notified When We Launch.