Custom Programmable Actions


Custom Programmable Triggers & Actions

  • A Switch Group links multiple switches together to be turned on or off in sync.  Flicking any of the switches in the group will automatically trigger other switches within the group to be activated at the same time.
  • Scenes allows you to manipulate multiple switches, and infrared code sequences to achieve the mood or atmosphere to your liking.
  • Timer turns your switch on or off at specific time every day.
  • Come-Home Light turns on certain lights to welcome you upon your returning home.
  • Activate upon Dawn or Dusk.  You can set your light to be turned on or off at Dawn or Dusk every day.  The exact time for dawn and dusk will be automatically adjusted based on season.
  • Temperature Control uses QikEasy switch’s built-in temperature sensor to trigger an appliance (e.g. heater) to turn on or off through either the switch, or infrared remote controller.
  • Vacation Mode.  Turn lights on and off at a random time within a time range to mimic someone being home.  This will help deter burglars from targeting your home while you are on vacation.
  • If.. Then.. That. Flexible programming allows switch states, time, temperature and other events to invoke a sequence of actions.

An Example Programmed Trigger Action

Trigger is Temperature Threshold    >>>   Action is IR command to turn on and turn off Heater.