Enabling EV3 Devices on Spike Prime & MindStorms Robot Inventor hubs.

Enabling EV3 Devices on Spike Prime and MindStorms Robot Inventor hubs.

Revive & Spring

your dated EV3 devices

into the Spike Prime Universe.
Revive & Spring
your dated EV3 devices
into the Spike Prime Universe.

100% Plug-n-Play

Enables ALL EV3 Devices

New Functionality for Spike Prime

Ease Transition to New LEGO System

Save Money

Launched on Indiegogo Crowdfunding Platform!

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Launched on Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform!

Simply Plug in your EV3 device & start working with your new Spike Prime or MindStorms Robot Inventor hub.

100% Hassle-Free Plug and Play
  • 100% Plug-n-Play
  • Hardware Level protocol translation
  • Fully compatible with Word Blocks and not just Python
  • It just works. Using an EV3 cable and a Spike Prime cable, you simply need to plug in the EV3 device on one end, and Spike Prime (or Robot Inventor) hub on the other.

EV3 Gives You Capabilities that Don’t Exist
in the new LEGO Robotic sets

What others are saying about QikEasy

If you have a bunch of old NXT motors or EV3 motors or sensors just lying around, then I strongly recommend you buy multiple copies of this awesome adapter.  It’s a game changer and it will make upgrading to the new system so much easier. I also greatly appreciate how their website has very good documentation and instructions how to use all the sensor and motors.  They made it very easy to understand and I’m a big fan of this product.
Ivan Filippov @ Unbreakme – a Youtube channel on LEGO robotics with 28,000 subscribers.

The QikEasy EV3 Spike Prime Adapter lets you use old EV3 sensors with your Powered Up hubs.  My favorite was the IR sensor!
Danny's LAB, a Youtube channel on LEGO robotics with 12,600 subscribers.

"The QikEasy Adapter links the past to the present and let schools reuse and recycle LEGO robotic parts - this is a smart, eco-friendly decision!"
Joey Tanaka, Award winning digital learning and robotics educator, Bertschi School, Seattle.

Designed to be “size compatible” with LEGO bricks

Easily Connect QikEasy Adapter to LEGO parts
  • Same size as a LEGO 5×7 frame.
  • Build a protective cage for the adapter using 5×7 frames and other LEGO parts.
  • With the constructed cage,  you can now easily attach QikEasy Adapter to your LEGO robot.

State of The Art Technology

REUSE Your CURRICULUM: Reuse Existing Custom made EV3 based CONSTRUCTION PLANS with your New Hub

Attention Educators : QikEasy helps Transition your Classes to the new Spike Prime system

The Challenge: Over the years of using EV3, many educators had customized their curriculum with their own custom construction plans.   Moving to the new Spike Prime platform means that they will lose all their work, and they will have to completely redesign their curriculum.


Our Solution:

Enter QikEasy Adapter, you can now reuse your custom made EV3 based construction plans with your new hub.


Upgrade Construction Plans Gradually With QikEasy Adapter, you may gradually transition from EV3 to Spike Prime. Without changing your hardware build plans, your students may use old EV3 devices with the new hubs.


Ease Budget Constraint With QikEasy Adapter, since you will use the same construction plans for both the old and the new hub, you can have part of your class use the old hub and the rest use the new hub.  So with limited budget, you may slowly update your class by only upgrading a subset of all the kits.


CLICK HERE TO learn more about how QikEasy Adapters can help school with their Spike Prime upgrade initiatives.

Resellers : We help you sell more Spike Primes

We love working with resellers, especially ones that are already selling LEGO robotic systems to schools.


Are you having a hard time upgrading Schools from EV3 to Spike Prime? There are usually two causes:

    1. Upgrade Process is too hard and time consuming for the teachers as it requires them to redevelop all their customized curriculum again.  QikEasy Adapter will allow them to reuse their current EV3 curriculum and construction plans.
    2. Limited Budget.  QikEasy Adapter will allow them to upgrade a partial class instead of the entire fleet of EV3 systems all at the same time.


In the upcoming Indiegogo campaign, we provide perks of 30 units and 60 units specifically designed to allow resellers to purchase our products at bulk price. For quantities larger than 60 units, please contact us directly, we will quote you our best price for the quantity you want.


CLICK HERE TO learn more about how we help our resellers to make them successful.

Save Money & Save the Environment

Don’t harm the Environment. Give your EV3 components A SECOND LIVE.
  • QikEasy Adapter not only saves you money, it provides you functionalities that you don’t get with your new LEGO robotic kit.


QikEasy EV3 Spike Prime Adapter Device Pricing
PerksIndiegogo Regular PriceIndiegogo Early Bird Price
QikEasy Single Pack$23$21
QikEasy Twin Pack$39$37.5
QikEasy Tri Pack$57$54
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  • All prices are in US dollars, excluding shipping.
  • The Suggested Retail Price of a QikEasy Adapter is US$29.
  • These prices do not include the Spike Prime cable for connecting QikEasy Adapter to your hub. We will be selling this cable for no profit at US$3.5 each.

Reseller Pricing

Classroom / Bulk Pricing
QikEasy Small Classroom Pack (12x)$360
QikEasy Large Classroom Pack (30x)$840
QikEasy Reseller Kit (60x)$1580

Launched on Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform!


QikEasy EV3 Spike Prime Adapter Device Support Chart

A single adapter is compatible with all the EV3 devices listed below.
EV3 DeviceFeature ModeWORD BLOCK SupportPYTHON Support
Color SensorSimple Color Mode
Reflective Light
Ambient Light
Infrared SensorIR Remote
Proximity Sensing
Heading & Distance from Beacon
Ultrasonic SensorDistance L (Up To 200cm)
Distance S (Up To 32cm)
Single Measurement
Listen For Ultrasonic Signal
Touch SensorOn or Off
Large MotorSpeed
Relative Angular Position
Medium MotorSpeed
Relative Angular Position
NXT MotorSpeed
Relative Angular Position
Not supported. Same behavior as Spike Prime sensor.
Not supported due to technical limitation of the EV3 Infrared Sensor.

Launched on Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform!

QikEasy Adapter Demonstrations

How is the QikEasy Adapter board different from a passive conversion board?

There is at least one converter product on the market that merely directly connects the EV3 socket pins to the Spike Prime ones. Such boards cost the vendor less than $1 to manufacture.  So how is such converter different from ours?
  • QikEasy Adapter uses a dedicated microcontroller unit (MCU) which is basically a CPU to fully emulate the Spike Prime sensors/motors.  With such, your EV3 sensors will be usable in both Word Block and Python projects.  The direct connection board will only work with Python, if it works at all.
  • Spike Prime runs on 3.3V while EV3 runs on 5V.  When using the passive board to connect the EV3 sensor to a Spike Prime Hub port, you can only provide 3.3V to the EV3 sensor which expects 5V.  The sensor may still run, but because of the lower power source, you will likely run into stability issues.  With our adapter board, we use an active booster element to convert the 3.3V source into 5V before feeding it into the EV3 sensor.  With 5V, EV3 sensors will work in a much more stable manner.
  • A passive connection conversion board will NOT work with EV3 motors at all.  With our board, because we use a dedicated MCU to perform hardware emulation of a Spike Prime sensor, it lets your EV3 motors work seamlessly with the new Hub.
  • Our team is dedicated to support your STEM robotic journey.  QikEasy Adapter board’s firmware is patchable through OTA (Over-The-Air) updates.  After you receive the product, we will still be able to provide you patches for bug fixes or adjustments for new issues caused by LEGO live updates to their firmwares.
  • Even though our board is much better than passive boards, we manage to keep our price approximately the same as the passive board!  So it’s no brainer to choose between the passive board vs our QikEasy Adapter Board.