Enabling EV3 Devices on Spike Prime & MindStorms Robot Inventor hubs.

Enabling EV3 Devices on Spike Prime and MindStorms Robot Inventor hubs.

Revive & Spring

your dated EV3 devices

into the Spike Prime Universe.
Revive & Spring
your dated EV3 devices
into the Spike Prime Universe.

100% Plug-n-Play

Enables ALL EV3 Devices

New Functionality for Spike Prime

Environment Friendly

Save Money

LIMITED TIME OFFER. Get QikEasy Adapter @ as low as $16!

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    Simply Plug in your EV3 device & start working with the new Hub

    100% Plug and Play
    • 100% Plug-n-Play
    • Hardware Level protocol translation
    • Fully compatible with Word Blocks and not just Python
    • It just works. Using an EV3 cable and a Spike Prime cable, you simply need to plug in the EV3 device on one end, and Spike Prime (or Robot Inventor) hub on the other.

    “One Widget” that Enables them ALL

    Unleash your Creativity with Extra Sensors & Motors
    • Reuse sensors & motors that you already have.
    • Use the more powerful EV3 Large Motor in projects that require a higher torque.
    • Use extra color sensors to detect colors at different physical positions.  E.g. one for sensing color of the wall, another to follow the line on the floor.
    • Extra ultrasonic sensors can give your robot more coverage surface in obstacle avoidance.
    • Use the Touch Sensor for remote control tasks that require a simple push button.
    • Your creativity is no longer bounded by the number of sensors & motors you have.

    Build Amazing Robots with capabilities that don’t exist in your LEGO Spike Prime or Robot Inventor set

    EV3 IR Sensor & Gyro Sensor
    • EV3 Infrared Sensor :
      • Control your robot with a handy physical remote control
      • Detect relative direction and distance from an active IR Beacon
      • Provides another means for proximity distance estimation
    • The compact EV3 Gyro Sensor:
      • The compact form factor is more convenient & flexible than the gyro built into the hub.  Don’t be constrained to moving the bulky Spike Prime or Robot Inventor hub.

    Attention Educators: Painless Transition from EV3 to Spike Prime

    Reuse Existing EV3 Construction Plans
    • Instead of LEGO’s course curriculum, educators may now continue to use their custom construction plans based on EV3 motors and sensors, even though the hub is new.
    • Facilitates gradual transition from EV3 to Spike Prime.  Start using the new programming environment without upgrading all the construction plans.
    • Eases budget constraints.  You no longer have to upgrade all the kits at the same time, as you may now upgrade a subset of the kits first.

    Designed to be “size compatible” with LEGO bricks

    Easily Connect QikEasy Adapter to LEGO parts
    • Same size as a LEGO 5×7 frame.
    • Build a protective cage for the adapter using 5×7 frames and other LEGO parts.
    • With the constructed cage,  you can now easily attach QikEasy Adapter to your LEGO robot.

    Save the Environment.  Reuse your used EV3 Devices.

    • Instead of dumping your EV3 sensors and motors which will be harmful to the environment, GIVE THEM a second life.
    • Reusing these devices not only saves you money, they provide you  some functionality that you don’t get with your standard LEGO set.

    Money Saving

    Don’t rush out to buy extra sensors and motors.  Save $$ by reusing your EV3 ones instead.
    • Make use of your perfectly working motors and sensors instead of buying new ones.
    • QikEasy adapter board is significantly less expensive than new sensors and motors.
    • QikEasy adapter board is compatible with all the LEGO official EV3 devices.  So, even  if you only get one adapter board, it still gives you a lot of flexibility in using a good variety of EV3 devices in your project.
    • If you haven’t upgraded from your Mindstorms EV3 to Spike Prime or Robot Inventor yet, IT IS TIME to Upgrade NOW.
    • Protect your EV3 investment and get the QikEasy Adapter NOW.

    State of the Art Engineering

    • QikEasy Adapter uses a dedicated microcontroller unit (MCU, which is basically a CPU) to fully emulate the communication protocol used by Spike Prime sensors/motors.  Hardware UARTs are used for the best communication fidelity.
    • Through our advanced device detection circuitry, our adapter is able to detect both EV3 sensors and motors on the same EV3 socket.
    • QikEasy Adapter doesn’t require any external power source. It is entirely powered by the hub.
    • Using QikEasy Adapter, your EV3 sensors and motors will be usable in both Word Block and Python projects.
    • QikEasy STEM products are designed for the longevity.  QikEasy Adapter’s firmware is patchable through Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Even after product shipment, we will continue to support you by providing updates and bug fixes to ensure that the product will still function even after LEGO pushes major updates to their environment.

    LIMITED TIME OFFER. Get QikEasy Adapter @ as low as $16!

    Launch on Indiegogo soon!
    Enter Your Email to Get Notified When We Launch.

      QikEasy EV3 Spike Prime Adapter Device Support Chart

      A single adapter is compatible with all the EV3 devices listed below.
      EV3 DeviceFeature ModeWORD BLOCK SupportPYTHON Support
      Color SensorSimple Color Mode
      RGB Raw
      Reflective Light
      Ambient Light
      Infrared SensorIR Remote
      Proximity Sensing
      Heading & Distance from Beacon
      Ultrasonic SensorDistance L (Up To 200cm)
      Distance S (Up To 32cm)
      Single Measurement
      Listen For Ultrasonic Signal
      Touch SensorOn or Off
      Large MotorSpeed
      Relative Angular Position
      Medium MotorSpeed
      Relative Angular Position
      Not supported. Same behavior as Spike Prime sensor.
      Not supported due to technical limitation of the EV3 Infrared Sensor.

      QikEasy Adapter Demonstrations

      How is the QikEasy Adapter board different from a passive conversion board?

      There is at least one converter product on the market that merely directly connects the EV3 socket pins to the Spike Prime ones. Such boards cost the vendor less than $1 to manufacture.  So how is such converter different from ours?
      • QikEasy Adapter uses a dedicated microcontroller unit (MCU) which is basically a CPU to fully emulate the Spike Prime sensors/motors.  With such, your EV3 sensors will be usable in both Word Block and Python projects.  The direct connection board will only work with Python, if it works at all.
      • Spike Prime runs on 3.3V while EV3 runs on 5V.  When using the passive board to connect the EV3 sensor to a Spike Prime Hub port, you can only provide 3.3V to the EV3 sensor which expects 5V.  The sensor may still run, but because of the lower power source, you will likely run into stability issues.  With our adapter board, we use an active booster element to convert the 3.3V source into 5V before feeding it into the EV3 sensor.  With 5V, EV3 sensors will work in a much more stable manner.
      • A passive connection conversion board will NOT work with EV3 motors at all.  With our board, because we use a dedicated MCU to perform hardware emulation of a Spike Prime sensor, it lets your EV3 motors work seamlessly with the new Hub.
      • Our team is dedicated to support your STEM robotic journey.  QikEasy Adapter board’s firmware is patchable through OTA (Over-The-Air) updates.  After you receive the product, we will still be able to provide you patches for bug fixes or adjustments for new issues caused by LEGO live updates to their firmwares.
      • Even though our board is much better than passive boards, we manage to keep our price approximately the same as the passive board!  So it’s no brainer to choose between the passive board vs our QikEasy Adapter Board.